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BRMC Upgrades Nutrition Services

Posted on: 01/04/2011

The Bradford Regional Medical Center’s Nutritional Services Department is offering new and improved food services to patients, visitors and staff. These changes were made in an effort to improve the quality of BRMC’s food services, as well as enhance the patient and visitor experience. A task force composed of BRMC managers and employees surveyed customers regarding the food service program to assess where improvements were needed. New services include an expanded menu that includes healthier options, fresh food, after-hours vending machines, upscale dining for new parents, as well as made-to-order meals.

“It is our priority to provide patients with the most pleasant and comfortable experience possible while they are in our care,” said Timothy J. Finan, president and CEO of Upper Allegheny Health System and member hospitals Bradford Regional Medical Center and Olean General Hospital. “These food service improvements provide an additional level of comfort to our patients, as well as to their guests and to the hospital’s staff. I commend the task force for identifying the areas in most need of improvement and for implementing the appropriate solutions that provide the additional best-in-class service we strive for every day here at Bradford Regional Medical Center.”

“Patient satisfaction and quality of care are of utmost importance to BRMC, which extends to the food service we provide as a hospital,” said BRMC Chief Operating Officer David Kobis. “The task force did an excellent job responding to the dining and nourishment needs of our patients, visitors and employees. We believe these improvements and other added amenities, such as free valet parking and concierge service, will add greatly to the patient and visitor experience at the hospital. We look forward to further improvements being made in the future.”

Some of the new dining initiatives at Bradford Regional Medical Center include:

~ New upscale meals served to all mothers and their guest the day after the birth of their new baby. The couple may enjoy a private dinner in the patient’s room with a formal linen-covered table and a silver place setting. Some of the menu selections include lobster tails, NY strip steak, stuffed chicken breast and broiled tilapia.


~ Freshly prepared sandwich wraps served with fresh fruit or a side salad will be available to patients admitted to the hospital in the evening. These new meals will be prepared fresh daily and will replace pre-packaged bag lunches.


~ New daily selections to the cafeteria menu, including: Beef rollups, Turkey Divan and Chicken Sizzling Salad. Additional food selections will be added to the menu each week.


~ Fresh and healthy items now available in the “Grab and Go” cooler such as salads, sandwiches, wraps, pitas and fruit.


In addition, several other food service improvements will be implemented at BRMC throughout the next several weeks, including:


~ Made-to-order breakfast and lunch options available starting the week of January 10th. Customers may select omelets or waffles from 6:30 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. daily. Made-to-order lunches will be available only on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.


~ A new deli sandwich vending machine located outside of the cafeteria, offering fresh-made deli sandwiches, salads, fruit and juice beginning mid-February.


~ Extended cafeteria hours for evenings and weekends.

Improvements to the design and layout of BRMC’s cafeteria are also being considered to provide a more comfortable environment for guests.

In order to implement these food service improvements, BRMC is working in collaboration with Sodexho USA, a provider of food and facilities management services to healthcare organizations across the nation.

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