116 Interstate Parkway, Bradford, PA 16701
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Cardiology Services

For Appointments: 814-362-8720

116 Interstate Parkway
Bradford, PA 16701

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Bradford Regional Medical Center (BRMC) offers a broad array of diagnostic capabilities for cardiac patients, including stress testing, nuclear imaging, CT angiography, and echocardiography.

BRMC also offers patients a cardiac catheterization program under the direction of board-certified cardiologists. This program allows patients to receive cardiac catheterization procedures right at BRMC instead of having to travel outside the area.

BRMC also offers pediatric cardiac services.

Cardiac Stress Lab

A stress test is used to provide information about how well the heart works during physical activity. Because exercise makes the heart pump faster and harder, a stress test can reveal problems within the heart that might not be noticeable otherwise.

At the Bradford Regional Medical Center’s Stress Lab, we provide many types of cardiac stress testing. Your doctor may recommend an exercise stress test if he/she suspects you have an irregular heart rhythm (arrhythmia) or coronary artery disease. If you already have been diagnosed with a heart condition an exercise stress test may also be used to guide your treatment.

Our team

Our professionally-trained staff of licensed critical care nurses work closely with your physician.