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Corporate Compliance

The Bradford Regional Medical Center Compliance Office promotes and supports a culture to build compliance consciousness into every employee's daily activities. This is accomplished through the implementation and maintenance of an effective Compliance Program.

The compliance program applies a proactive auditing and monitoring process to identify potential errors in documenting, coding and billing for services. The program utilizes many resources both internal and external to establish a list of risk areas. The program empowers employees and providers to detect any problems and provide a means to solve those problems. It is critical that each employee or agent understand his or her individual responsibility to not only personally adhere to these standards, but also actively participate and promote compliance as representatives of the Bradford Regional Medical Center. 

A key resource is BRMC employees. Therefore, the program maintains both an open door policy and a compliance hotline. Employees who have any concern about whether a practice is proper and/or ethical should speak with their supervisor or manager, the Compliance Officer or Analyst.

BRMC Internal Anonymous Reporting Hotline: 814-368-1888

Corporate Compliance Officer - Sami Manirath - smanirath@uahs.org


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