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Our Mission

Bradford Hospital Foundation was established in 1989 to serve as a fund-raising entity to support the mission of Bradford Regional Medical Center. Charitable giving is a vital, integral component and serves as an investment that will perpetually assure the availability of quality health care for our community and throughout the region.

It takes all of us!

We welcome the involvement of our hospital family and community in the solicitation of funds for charitable giving. Bradford Hospital Foundation's Development Committee include: Major Gifts, Planned Giving, Hospital Family, Community Ask, Memorial and Named Funds, Community Relations, and Special Event committees.

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Philanthropic success is fostered through the development of a solid donor base that participates in many of Bradford Hospital Foundation's programs. In addition, the BRMC Naming Opportunities program allows donors to direct gifts toward a specific program, special renovation project, or capital expenditure. Naming Opportunity giving begins at $25,000.

Meeting charitable needs

Whatever the interests of the donor, all charitable giving programs create an immediate opportunity for anyone to participate in continued improvement of Bradford Regional Medical Center. Charitable giving helps to ensure the availability of long-term quality health care which, in turn, promotes a healthy community.

Join us

We invite you to browse through our list of programs and to contact us with any questions. Thank you for your continued support and your interest! To reach Bradford Hospital Foundation, please call 814-362-3200 or send us an email

Celebrating 125 Years

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