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Donor Appreciation

Donor Appreciation - Celebrating 20 Years

Everyday we thank our many donors who give so generously to BRMC in support of a healthy community. Gifts to Bradford Hospital Foundation support the institution's ability to invest in the community and its future. Giving at all levels has never been more important. Appreciation and recognition of gifts can be viewed by "giving level" on the Donor Walls in the current BRMC lobby and The Pavilion at BRMC.

Pause in the lobby of BRMC or The Pavilion at BRMC to view the Donor Recognition Walls honoring the diversity of people who, since 1950 and over six decades, have supported the greater community good.

These individuals, families, corporations and foundation's share the belief that the future of healthcare is about more than bricks and mortar. Through generous gifts, they attest to the value that a community places on making quality healthcare available locally.

The power of our collective donor effort builds more than buildings! We thank you for your continuing thoughtful generosity.

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