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Bradford Hospital Foundation announces Saunders family gift

Posted on: 10/30/2020

The Bradford Hospital Foundation recently announced a gift from the Saunders family in memory of Mary Jo Saunders.

The unrestricted $10,000 gift will be used to support the mission of Bradford Regional Medical Center and was made by Mrs. Saunders’ husband of 73 years, Ray, and their children, Bob (Duane), Bart (Lisa) and Sue Saunders.

“The very generous gift will honor the memory of Mary Jo whose legacy of community service and leadership has been remembered for many decades at Bradford Regional Medical Center,” said Francie Ambuske, executive director, Bradford Hospital Foundation.

Mrs. Saunders passed away in August. She was born May 5, 1928 in Altus, Okla. The Saunders’ traveled the world before making their home in Bradford. She served as president of the Bradford Hospital Auxiliary in the early 1970s and was an active hospital board member while Mr. Saunders served as chairman of the board. Mr. and Mrs. Saunders were both well known for their untiring commitment to rural healthcare, community service and they had a special appreciation for the hospital and its employees who served the community.

“Our community is grateful for the Saunders family who spent a near lifetime commitment of making Bradford their home and serving as community leaders. We thank the family for their generous approach to honor her memory. Our future is made possible by those who gave so much of themselves over the years,” Ambuske said.

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