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Bradford Hospital Foundation board receives simulator demonstration

Posted on: 11/13/2018

Pictured, from left, are Bradford Hospital Foundation board members Paul Ridley, Bill Pantuso, Ron Orris, Francie Ambuske, executive director, Sherri Geary, Dean Bauer and Placer.

Sami Placer, system director, clinical education, perioperative services, Bradford Regional Medical Center, Olean General Hospital, recently gave Bradford Hospital Foundation board members a demonstration of BRMC’s new high tech simulator. The Laerdal SimMan®3G is an adult-size, programmable simulator that is used to advance clinical staff training. The simulator creates high fidelity experiences for clinical staff including IV access, cardiac monitoring, medication administration, airway management, stroke and cardiac events, bleeding and other bodily fluid excretions, and other basic medical assessments. The purchase was made possible through the foundation’s fundraising efforts at its Spring Swing Gala held earlier this year. 

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