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BRMC, OGH staff honored for years of service

Posted on: 10/30/2020

Bradford Regional Medical Center and Olean General Hospital recently honored its staff for their dedicated years of service to the hospitals. Those honored represent more than 2,100 years of combined service.

“Each fall, we take the time to honor our most valuable asset, our employees, for their milestone anniversaries during service recognition dinners,” said Jeff Zewe, RN, president and chief executive officer, OGH, BRMC, Upper Allegheny Health System. “This year has been unlike any year we have seen. Due to the pandemic and for safety of our employees, the organization needed to celebrate with a different approach this year. I’ll miss the chance to celebrate in person where I would get the honor of shaking the hands of our employees at the annual service awards dinner. Especially this year, I thank everyone for all they do for the patients we serve.”

In lieu of in-person celebrations, employees were recognized by their managers and presented with a special program and gift certificates.

Employees celebrating milestone service anniversaries this year include:

45 years – Susan Debarbieri, OGH, Sherri Evens, OGH, Corlee Fidurko, OGH, John Nuzzo, BRMC;

40 years – Joyce Aderman, OGH, Susan Buckwalter, OGH, Joelle Hyson, OGH, Julia Jackson, BRMC, Deborah Lent, OGH, Thomas Marzec, OGH, Rebecca Wetherby, OGH;

35 years - Marcene Aloi, OGH, Jeanne Capra, BRMC, Rhonda Holcomb, OGH, Bonnie Lyman, OGH, Nancy McDonald-Abers, BRMC, Jacqueline Shine-Dixon, BRMC;

30 years - Margaret Antes, BRMC, Michele Cleveland, OGH, Richard Hernandez, OGH, Denise Padlo-Osby, OGH, Ellen Rix, OGH, Sue Schultz-Schena, OGH, Carol Taylor, BRMC, Anthony Titus, OGH;

25 years - Mary Bean, OGH, Dolores Cole, BRMC, Diane Ludwig, BRMC, Sheryl Nelson, BRMC, Tracy Peyton, BRMC, Sami Placer, BRMC, Dawn Rupert, BRMC, Cynthia Wilson, OGH, Susan Wymer, OGH;

20 years - Patricia Arakelian, OGH, Pamela Derx, OGH, Gail Frederick, OGH, Cheryl Gleason, OGH, Debra Grinols, OGH, Kristin Haight, BRMC, Angela Harvey, OGH, Bylle Jo Holzwarth, BRMC, Stephanie Huber, BRMC, David Louk, OGH, Melissa McAndrew-Ivanich, BRMC, Ann Marie McCoy, OGH, Stephanie Morrision, BRMC, Jason Nuzzo, BRMC, Bonnie Scanlan, BRMC, Amy Shaw, BRMC, Heather Silvis, BRMC, Lisa Sortore, OGH, Kip Waid, BRMC, Tarah Welsh, OGH;

15 years - Ann Bushnell, OGH, Michele Evers, BRMC, Cheryl Gentner, OGH, Robin Marsh, OGH, Carol Monroe, OGH, Joseph Nichols, BRMC, Bryan Reed, OGH, Jessica Soto, BRMC, Lance Tronetti, OGH, Michael Wesley, OGH,

10 years - Melanie Burroughs, OGH, Rhonda Chamberlain, OGH, Tannyah Chapman, BRMC, Karen Colley, BRMC, Jera Dynda, OGH, Deanna Getz, OGH, Deena Godding, BRMC, Tracy Isaman, OGH, Hortensia Linnecke, OGH, Sharon McAfee, OGH, Marilyn Moran, OGH, Joanne Moyer, OGH, Bradley Murphy, OGH, Cindy Smith, OGH, Jason Spring, OGH, Angela Swain, OGH, Tiffiny Wright, OGH;

5 years - Nicholle Aiello, BRMC, Bertha Alexis, BRMC, Bridget Babola, BRMC, Margaret Barroso, OGH, Timothy Batt, OGH, Tiffany Bell, OGH, Megan Berghauser, OGH, Danielle Brown, BRMC, Jared Capra, OGH, Joshua Clayson, OGH, Ruth Coast, BRMC, Peggy Crumrine, BRMC, Amber Evans, OGH, Heather Faulkner, OGH, Nathan Flick, OGH, Matthew Gardner, OGH, Torrey Gilbert, BRMC, Jill Gleason, BRMC, Jenna Helms, OGH, Roger Johnson, OGH, Heather Kinnaird, OGH, Dianne Krouse, BRMC, Erin Lenchak, OGH, Dalton Little, OGH, Charity Lowry, OGH, Jayne Lucco, BRMC, Karen McClain, BRMC, Chelsea McMurtrie, OGH, Sabrina Miles, BRMC, Lucas Moore, BRMC, Kelsey Morey, BRMC, Tiffany Murphy, OGH, Melinda Music, OGH, Christopher Ogden, OGH, Gina Palumbo (Russell), OGH, Ann Payne, OGH, Marcea Person, OGH, Deanna Peters, OGH, Bobbi Jo Puccinelli, OGH, Kathrine Sands, OGH, Brenda Schmidt, OGH, Renee Schulze, OGH, Brittany Schwan, OGH, Kanda Simpson, OGH, Donna Smith, OGH, Melanie Sturdevant, BRMC, Katelyn Sutter, OGH, Denise Tanner, BRMC, Rebecca Threadgill, BRMC, Rodney Tuttle, OGH, William VanHorn, OGH, Kegan Wilson, OGH, Kevin Zale, BRMC.

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