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BRMC opens new fluroscopy room

Posted on: 03/13/2019

Bradford Hospital Foundation board members toured the new Shimadzu G4 remote fluoroscopy room at Bradford Regional Medical Center recently. The foundation made the major commitment for the purchase of the fluoroscopy equipment which is used by the imaging services department to help diagnose gastrointestinal dysfunction and diseases, urinary obstructions like kidney stones, and provide guidance for joint injections prior to MRIs, evaluate herniated discs in the spine, and check the function of mediports.

Pictured, from left, are Paul Ridley, BHF board vice chairman; Melissa Sullivan, vice president, operations, BRMC; Steve Hopkins, BHF board member; Francie Ambuske, executive director, BHF; Timothy J. Finan, president, chief executive officer, Upper Allegheny Health System, BRMC; Kate Still, BHF board member; Ron Orris, BHF board member; Dean Bauer, BHF board member; Nancy Fuhrman, BHF board member; Jason Tingley, director, imaging services, BRMC.

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