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BRMC presents January Star Award

Posted on: 02/01/2019

Kassi Haven, unit secretary, OB, received Bradford Regional Medical Center’s January Star Award.

Haven started her career at BRMC in 2012 as a hostess in food and nutrition services. The following year, she transferred to behavioral health as unit secretary/nurses’ aide where she was known for her compassion with elderly patients. In 2016, she transferred to OB, as well as taking on the secretary position in the wound clinic. Haven also floats to med/surg and CCU when needed.

“As busy as she is, Kassi always has time to get up from her desk and personally greet patients with a smile and ask them how they are doing since their last visit. Kassi’s kindness and compassion for the patients shows as she listens attentively to everything they have to say. This brings many a smile to the patients’ faces. If Kassi takes a day off the patients are asking when she will be back. Kassi’s sense of humor, kindness, compassion, and her ability to just listen brings happiness and comfort to our patients and that is what makes her a star,” said Judi Scott, nurse manager, OB.

The Star Award is presented month¬ly to an employee who demonstrates outstanding performance and inspires the same in others. Employ¬ees are nominated by patients or coworkers for exceptional customer satisfaction, continuous performance improvement, teamwork, communication, ownership/account¬ability and excellence. Those nominated for the award are BRMC’s “shining stars.”

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