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BRMC presents Star Award

Posted on: 11/30/2018

Tina Gardner received Bradford Regional Medical Center’s November Star Award.

She’s worked at BRMC since 2017.

“Tina goes above and beyond to assist the patient access department and our patients on a daily basis. She covers many shifts and assists wherever she can. She has been willing to come in on short notice without hesitation and stays late if we are short staffed. Tina has a very upbeat personality all of the time and when pa¬tients walk through the door she greats them with a smile. She truly is a star employee,” said Minnie Burns, manager, patient access, Twin Tiers.

The Star Award is presented month¬ly to an employee who demonstrates outstanding performance and inspires the same in others. Employ¬ees are nominated by patients or coworkers for exceptional customer satisfaction, continuous performance improvement, teamwork, communication, ownership/account¬ability and excellence. Those nominated for the award are BRMC’s “shining stars.”

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