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BRMC staff honored for years of service

Posted on: 09/27/2017

BRMC employees Sharon LeMage and Patty Luna were among the honorees recognized for 40 years of service to the hospital.

Bradford Regional Medical Center, member hospital of Upper Allegheny Health System, honored its staff for their dedicated years of service to the hospital during an employee service award ceremony, Sept. 26 at the Pennhills Club. Those honored represent 1,015 years of combined service.

“Every year, we welcome the opportunity to thank our employees for all they do for our hospital and our patients. Their long standing dedication is noteworthy and the essence of our success to the communities we serve,” said Timothy J. Finan, president and chief executive officer, BRMC, UAHS.

Employees celebrating milestone service anniversaries this year include:
40 years - Barb Astle, Jayme Covert, Sharon LeMage, Patty Luna, Cindy Wilton;
35 years - Kim Douglas;
30 years - Gianna Carroll, Tammy Patterson, Chris Pilon;
25 years - Gayle Gallmann, Judy Harris, Deb Honhart, Cheryl O’Connell, Kathy Perkins, Stacy Williams;
20 years - Terri Case, Jennifer Hill, Tami Silvis, Tom Wartella, Amanda Witt;
15 years - Brenda Bottorf, Amanda Brzezinski, Gene Cawley, Debra Clark, Jennifer Edminster, Rebecca Matthews, Rhonda Miketish, Deb Cowles-Raines, Molly Rinfrette, Todd Yohe;
10 years - Mary Amacher, Jamie Benner, Julie Galbraith, Megan Hale, Tammie Hannon, Jennelle Harris, Julie McCord, Mathew Miller, Rebecca Miller, MD, Meranda Schleicher, Elly Smith, Cheryl Wier;
5 years - Kaylee Abers, Kerry Allen, Brenda Baker, Lindsey Boser, Fred Buck, Stephanie Buley, Lois Burns, Melanie Case, Carolyn Cobo, Barb Copenhaver, Molly Hadden, Matthew Herron, Randi Jorgensen, Lynn Kahle, Nicole Marker-Zewe, Stacey Mollander, Mary Porter, Pamela Rinfrette, Nick Sherwood, Brandon Short, Jamie Smith, Debra Taylor, Tami Veite, Joseph Warner, Bobbi Wixson, Gail Wilson, Amy Yeager.

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