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BRMC welcomes children for Buddy’s First Visit

Posted on: 10/04/2017

Theresa Potter, LPN, emergency room, helps a student from St. Bernard’s Elementary School listen to her heart with a stethoscope during Buddy’s First Visit at Bradford Regional Medical Center recently.

Bradford Regional Medical Center welcomed kindergarten and first grade students from St. Bernard’s Elementary School recently for Buddy’s First Visit.

Buddy’s First Visit welcomes young children to the emergency room to show them what to expect should they be there as a patient. Along with their “best buddy” (stuffed animal), the children learn things like why patients have an ID bracelet, have their temperature and blood pressure taken, and what an xray looks like. They were able to take their stuffed animals into an exam room and lay on a gurney, listen to their heart beats through the stethoscope, weigh themselves, look in ears and throats, and learn about germs and handwashing.

In addition to BRMC staff, children met staff from Bradford City Ambulance. After meeting emergency personnel, seeing the inside of an ambulance and emergency room, the youngsters learned to be more comfortable and understand what happens in the event of an actual emergency. BRMC will continue to welcome children from area schools in the spring.


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