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Pavilion to start window visits for residents

Posted on: 05/01/2020

Susie Barr visits with Pavilion resident Sophie Poleto.

To help loved ones communicate with residents, the Pavilion at Bradford Regional Medical Center plans to start “window visits.”

Since in-person visitation is not an option during the pandemic, Patricia Bailey, administrator, Pavilion, said staff will facilitate outdoor visits where loved ones stand outside the Pavilion in view of a resident and talk via phone. Bailey noted some residents have communicated with family via video but they wanted to open other options.

Bailey understands being separated from loved ones is difficult. However, the Pavilion has been taking safety very seriously during the pandemic. While the measures taken are challenging for family, they’ve been working as there have been no COVID positive cases at the Pavilion, she said.

Those wanting to set up a window visit are asked to call the Pavilion at 814/362-8293.

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