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Pavilion welcomes its first visitors

Posted on: 03/16/2021

Brenda Pascarella holds her husband’s hand during a visit at the Pavilion at Bradford Regional Medical Center Tuesday. Jim and Brenda Pascarella will celebrate their 62nd anniversary March 30. She said it has been a great 62 years and today they were able to say I love you in person once again.

The Pavilion welcomed its first visitors Tuesday after Pennsylvania eased its restrictions on the nursing homes in the state. To celebrate, staff hung a welcome back banner and handed out packaged cookies and Hershey kisses with “we missed you” labels. While visitation is now permitted, some restrictions are still in place. Visitors will be screened upon arrival, masks are required and visits are limited to 30 minutes. As per CDC and department of health guidelines, fully vaccinated residents wearing a mask can be in close contact with family. Unvaccinated residents must continue to practice social distancing. As the weather improves, visits will be allowed on the Pavilion’s outdoor patio.

“We understand how difficult this past year has been on our families and residents and we are excited to be able to welcome back our families,” said Patricia Bailey, administrator, Pavilion.

For more information and to schedule a family visit, call the Pavilion at 362-8293.

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