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Sustaining care in our community

Posted on: 01/15/2021

by Jeff Zewe, RN, president, chief executive officer, Upper Allegheny Health System

On Jan. 6, Upper Allegheny Health System announced that its member hospitals, Bradford Regional Medical Center and Olean General Hospital, will be restructuring in order to create a stronger, more viable regional system built around innovative centers of excellence.

We have both an opportunity and a necessity to reinvent a model of care for the 140,000 residents in our service area and ensure high quality care for the long term. Over the past week in meetings with community and elected leaders, it is clear that some confusion remains regarding the many aspects of the consolidation. Here are the key components of the consolidation plan:

• BRMC will remain a key part of the health system and the community. Acute care and surgical services will be shifted to OGH April 1, 2021. This timing is of course dependent on if the COVID-19 pandemic is significantly impacting the hospital, staff and our resources.

• BRMC’s bed compliment will be as follows: 95 beds at the Pavilion at BRMC, 28 beds for Behavioral Health division, 10 medical beds will be used for inpatient acute care.

• BRMC will continue to offer a full service emergency department.

• UAHS will continue to grow its large regional network of 42 primary care and specialtyproviders, which presently includes 25 providers in Pennsylvania. We will expand our community presence of providers who bring outstanding credentials in their respective fields. Our providers not only work full time in this community, they live here as well.

• Current and future BRMC physician office services will include: primary care and family care. In addition specialists in orthopedics, cardiology, cancer, pediatrics, colorectal and general surgery, urology, ENT and spine will see patients in Bradford.

• Women’s Health Services will continue through Universal Primary Care via its office on Interstate Parkway.

• We are working with potential partners to re-establish dental services in conjunction with BRMC.

• Continuing BRMC outpatient services include: imaging (including MRI, CT and ultrasound), laboratory services, sleep care, respiratory care, cardiac rehabilitation, infusion center including chemotherapy, Upbeat Wellness, occupational health and wound care. The hospital will continue as a sponsor of the School of Radiography and the community’s Meals on Wheels program.

• Services offered to the region at the Olean campus will continue to include: interventional cardiac catheterization, electrophysiology (EP), the ICU intensivist program, radiation oncology, vascular services, neurology, orthopedic surgery, OB/GYN, wound care including hyperbaric therapy and dialysis.

• As part of the plan, BRMC and OGH will expand telehealth capabilities.

• Service awareness and education will be significantly enhanced by patient engagement campaigns.

• Community health will be improved through the development of health and wellness programs reaching every part of our service area including working with the community in establishing a community wellness center and how to better address chronic disease.

• The establishment of hospital community advisory boards and continual communication with community and government leaders will help guide service improvement efforts.

• Introduction of a reliable transportation option to connect Olean and Bradford and our hospital campuses, coordinated by UAHS.

The board of directors and the administration are committed to keeping both hospitals open and vibrant.

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