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Visitation changes

Posted on: 03/13/2020

While there are still no confirmed cases in Cattaraugus County or McKean County, we are taking a proactive approach at BRMC and OGH. As more information is becoming available we will be making additional changes, but here are the latest updates:

Beginning Monday March 16, 2020:
· Both hospitals will discontinue patient visiting hours with the following four exceptions:
‒ Patients in the critical care units
‒ End of life and comfort care patients
‒ In obstetrics: father and labor coach permitted
‒ Pediatric patients may have a parent or guardian stay with them
· Current patients will be receiving letters to allow them time to tell family and friends that they will be unable to visit them starting Monday
· The Pavilion at BRMC will discontinue patient visiting hours immediately
· Both hospitals will remain open for outpatient services, however people will be screened for respiratory symptoms and fever.
· Those coming to the hospitals will need to enter through the main door.
· Testing for coronavirus is not yet commercially available and is currently being controlled through the health department – meaning there is no testing available on demand. Patients should contact their primary care provider via phone to determine if testing is appropriate.

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