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Patients & Visitors

Whether you are preparing for a visit to Bradford Regional Medical Center, or you have already been a patient, there are numerous tools available here to help meet your needs. The following resources are provided to help patients with everything from understanding their bills to making online payments, accessing privacy statements, and preregistering online.

As a patient, certain general information is essential to one’s admission. We've assembled a few resources to make it easier for you.


Providing safe and high quality care is our top priority. Click here to visit our quality and safety website.


Financial Assistance

Bradford Regional Medical Center recognizes that there are times when patients in need of care will have difficulty paying for the services provided. Bradford Regional Medical Center financial assistance program provides discounts to qualifying individuals based on income. In addition, we can help you apply for free or low-cost insurance, if you qualify. Please contact our Patient Financial Liaison at 814-362-8588 for free, confidential assistance.

Financial Assistance Summary

Financial Assistance Application

Language Assistance


Download a copy of our Interpreter Services brochure here


We recognize that visitors play a strong role in helping patients during their stay in our hospital and have prepared policies and aids to assist them while they are visiting. Most important are our patient visiting policies and hours as well as directions on how to find our Hospital.

Nondiscrimination statement

Bradford Regional Medical Center complies with applicable federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex. Bradford Regional Medical Center does not exclude people or treat them differently because of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex. 

La discriminación es contra la ley
Bradford Regional Medical Center cumple con las leyes federales aplicables de derechos civiles y no discrimina por motivos de raza, color, origen nacional, edad, discapacidad, o sexo. Bradford Regional Medical Center no excluye la gente o tratar de manera diferente debido a su raza, color, origen nacional, edad, discapacidad, o sexo.


布拉德福德地区医疗中心适用的联邦民权法的规定和种族,肤色,国籍,年龄,残疾,或 性的基础上不歧视。奥利安总医院不排除人或不同的方式对待他们,因为种族,肤色,国 籍,年龄,残疾或性别。

Qíshì shì wéifǎ de

bù lā dé fú dé dìqū yīliáo zhōngxīn shìyòng de liánbāng mínquán fǎ de guīdìng hé zhǒngzú, fūsè, guójí, niánlíng, cánjí, huò xìng de jīchǔ shàng bù qíshì. Ào lì'ān zǒng yīyuàn bù páichú rén huò bùtóng de fāngshì duìdài tāmen, yīnwèi zhǒngzú, fūsè, guójí, niánlíng, cánjí huò xìngbié. 

Nondiscrimination and accessibility


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Online Bill Pay

Online Bill Pay

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