116 Interstate Parkway, Bradford, PA 16701
(814) 368-4143
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116 Interstate Parkway
Bradford, PA 16701
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Welcome to Patient Registration

The Patient Access Department performs registrations for Bradford Regional Medical Center’s inpatient, emergency department, same day surgery and various outpatient services. The Patient Access Department is usually your first stop on your way to receive testing, a procedure or surgery.

Our approach

Bradford Regional Medical Center strives to make the registration process as quick and convenient as possible. When testing or procedures are scheduled in advance, we make every attempt to pre-register you over the phone, so that when you arrive at our facility you are able to go directly to the department where you will receive services. If you have not been contacted by our staff for pre-registration, we ask that you stop in our registration area and have any paperwork provided by your physician available, along with your insurance cards. This will expedite the registration process and we will be able to get you to your designation timely.

Our team

Our team consists of dedicated and caring professionals who want to make your experience at our facility positive and a place you will always want to come for your healthcare services.

Registration information

Insurance Cards: During the registration process, we typically will ask for your insurance cards. Although we scan these into our system, the reason we ask for these upon each visit is to assure that there have been no changes since your last visit. This also helps us identify you as the patient. We want to make sure that we are billing your insurance appropriately, so that you do not receive a bill you were not expecting.

Copays: In some instances we may ask you for a copay prior to your test or procedure, or in the ER upon discharge. Please remember that this amount is set by your insurance carrier, not the hospital. If you have questions regarding your copays, please contact your insurance company.

Location and hours

Outpatient registration and admitting is located directly next to the gift shop in the Outpatient Services Center, the North Bennett Street entrance to the medical center.

Hours: Monday thru Friday 6 a.m. - 7 p.m. and Saturday 7 - 11 a.m.

Phone: 814-362-8241
Fax: 814-362-8243

When outpatient is closed, you can be registered at our switchboard or ER registration area. The switchboard is located right inside the entrance to the hospital on Interstate Parkway and is staffed 24/7. The switchboard phone is 814-368-4143.

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