116 Interstate Parkway, Bradford, PA 16701
(814) 368-4143


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Asim Makhdom, MD

FellowshipThomas Jefferson University Hospital(hip and knee arthroplasty)
Hospital of Special Surgery, Cornell University (complex bone conditions and reconstructive and deformity corrections)
ResidencyMcGill University (orthopaedics) SpecialtyOrthopaedics


Dr. Makhdom is the only orthopedic surgeon in the area to perform anterior total tip replacement which is less invasive and decreases healing time for patients. He also performs partial and total knee replacements, revision hip and knee replacements, adult and pediatric trauma surgery, knee arthroscopy for meniscus injuries or cruciate ligament reconstruction, bow legs and knocked knee correction, leg limb discrepancy correction, reconstruction surgery for complex bone nonunions or malunions, bunion and carpal tunnel surgery.


Medical Arts Building 195 Pleasant St., Suite 5 Bradford, PA 16701 Phone814/362-5701

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