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healthy beginnings plus

Foothills Medical Group - Women's Services

159 Interstate Pkwy

Bradford, PA 16701



Healthy Beginnings Plus (HBP) promotes healthy pregnancies for income eligible women. HBP is a Pennsylvania, Medical Assistance, program to help income eligible women have a positive prenatal care experience.

 Services Include:

  • Choice of qualified Doctors
  • Nurse Care Coordinator onsite
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Childbirth Education
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Help with problems that are affecting your social or emotional health


Frequently Asked Questions

Must I go to a HBP doctor to qualify for coverage during my pregnancy?

You may choose any doctor who participates with Medical Assistance. However, only approved MA HBP doctors are able to offer special services.

Why is it beneficial for me to go to an MA HBP doctor?

This program allows doctors to offer many special services which are not routinely available in the fee-for-service program.

What are these special services?

Services include, but are not limited to, nurse care coordinator at your clinic, nutritional counseling, childbirth education, smoking cessation, help with problems affecting social or emotional health.

Will I lose MA benefits if my family income changes during my pregnancy?

Regulation prohibits loss of benefits during pregnancy.

Can I qualify for MA benefits if I have private insurance?

Yes. However, you must notify your doctor and your county assistance office case worker that you have other insurance.

What should I do if I move to another county during my pregnancy?

Contact your county assistance office or the statewide change center at 877/395-8930. If you are enrolled in a managed care plan, call your health plan's member services line.

How can I find a HBP doctor?

For a list of doctors by county, click here.


Healthy Beginnings Plus brochure 


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